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GENDER COOPERATION 01 IDENTIFIER: 2015-1-IT03-KA105-005216(EC project)

This project, implemented through an international youth exchange, aim to provide to the participants an opportunity to compare mutual points of views (on issues still in dispute, such as - equal opportunities of adoption for same-sex couples or same-sex marriage) and reflections on gender identity, with the aim to reflect first on identity beyond stereotypes and constraints and, consequently, to increase understanding and mutual cooperation with others gender identities through reflections on gender conflicts and gender based violence, despicable end product of a process that - emphasized - is first and foremost of non-dialogue and non-mutual cooperation. The participants increased their degree of knowledge of gender issues, clarify their skills and their actions taking into account best practices learnt from other participants and/or organizations. The main target group of the activities of the partner organizations start practices of peer-education and support those actions already in place. Partner organizations: EC commission Project Erasmus + Leading organization EquaMenterAssociazlone CulturalSolidarity partner organization Seiklejatevennaskond: http://www.seiklejad.org (Estonia), Sistemve Jenerasyon Dernegi: http://www.systemandgeneration.eu(Turkey) Union of Women Center: http://www.womancenter.org.ge (Georgia) Creatorii: http://www.congress-pact1in5.eu/en/72-creatorii/ (Moldova) Agencija Lokalne Demokratije Zavidovici: http://lda-zavidovici.org/ (Bosnia & Herzegovina)


Gender Study program (Sources from OSI)

Participants sent by organisation from Georgia (Union of the Women Center), Estonia (SeiklejateVennaskond), Moldovia(Creatorii), Turkey (System veJenerasyonDernegi) and Italy (EquaMente) created program for second round of meeting, discuss on many topics related to gender issues, such as gender violence, conflict, LGBT.


Gender Study program (Sources from OSI)

This youth exchange was an opportunity to discuss many topics that were related to issues of gender equality, gender-based violence, conflict and the LGBT community. They visited a number of organizations such as "Arcigay", “FamiglieArcobaleno”, “Giosef” and "Centro StudiSereno Regis" where some of the workshops took place. The exchange brought together 30 young participants aged 18 to 23.

Gender Study program (Sources from OSI)

Gender Study Program was established in 1997. We have to mention the fact that program “Gender Study” is a brand new aspect in the educational system and was never taught in former Soviet Union. Therefore, all kind of information is interesting for the population. By this reason, we decided to establish a “Gender Study Center” with its own library, where trainings of institute teachers and seminars for women NGO’s will take place.

Gender Studies Program consists of 4 people. All of them are fluent in English, two of them have graduated from the University in United States and have taken Gender Studies classes.
Gender Study Program is working closely with the representatives of Gender and Culture Program from Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), State University of New-Jersey (Rutgers),
Lane Community College (Eugene, Oregon) where representatives of IFMW went through
training and established a Gender Study Center in 1997. Gender Study Center has established
a library, with books given as a gift from Women’s Tribune Center (New York 1998) and has established a program which gives lectures on the following topics in 3 institutes: Medical Institute Panacea, Economic Institute, Institute of Art.

Names of courses:

  1. The social construction of gender
  2. The politics of reproduction: birth control, abortion and childbirth
  3. Family and work in the Georgian society
  4. Introduction to women’s studies
  5. Difference between sex and gender
  6. Domestic Violence
  7. Women & politics
  8. Woman & religion
  9. Violence against women in situations of armed conflicts
  10. The emergency of women’s movement in Georgia
Gender Study program (Sources from OSI)     Gender Study program (Sources from OSI)     Gender Study program (Sources from OSI)     Gender Study program (Sources from OSI)

In September of 1998, was representing Georgia on the Inaugural Network Conference in Gender/Women’s Studies in Belgrade, Yugoslavia In 1999 –2000 we implement Gender Study Development Project in Georgia held training in two Region of Georgia , publishing booklets:

  1. Human Rights
  2. What is Gender
  3. Women’s Employment
  4. Adolesence Maternity Rights
  5. Domestic Violence
  6. The Career in Life of Modern Women
  7. Social Life
  8. Protection Women’s Rights in Georgia by Active Legislation
  9. Gender Research in Georgia
  10. Women’s Right in the family

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