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Video-clip about the work done by UWC in the frame of COBERM projects and future plans.

Iatamze Verulashvili has been working as an independent journalist for the main newspaper of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara — Adjara(www.gazetiajara.ge),newspaper in the Guria Region Alioni (http://www.alion.ge/), and regional TV station ,“Kaxety News “(knews.ge) with the purpose of informing regional communities , key persons, NGOs representatives about the outcomes of conferences, workshops ,meetings and new approaches to problems . Her areas of focus include investigative reporting, coverage of human rights violations, domestic violence, human trafficking, reproductive health and rights, drawing attention to the need of rights-based approaches to regions with growing HIV epidemics, stigmatization and discrimination of HIV-positive women, ongoing peace-building project results, and people-to-people diplomacy in conflict-affected regions.

Adjara Newspaper, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Batumi

Article titled “ ” N67 (24.578), 21-22 -10.2021 , Early Marriage :Prevention and Response Mechanism ნაადრევი ქორწინება : პრევენცია და რეაგირების მექანიზმი


Union Women Center and Guria Regional Committee of the National Violence Protection Network. publish series of articles addresses the problem of preventing violence and trauma in children and young teenagers, mechanisms to identify violence by applying art therapy at kindergarten level ,prevention of gender-based violence through teaching adolescents in schools on stress and manage aggression, as well as developing leadership skills, strategic thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills

ALIONI 15.01 2021

“ბავშთა და მოზარდთა მიმართ ძალადობის პრევენცია“ "Prevention of Violence against Children and Adolescents"

ALIONI 25.02.2021

მსოფლიოს ერთ-ერთი ყველაზე მტკივნეული გლობალური პრობლემა ძალადობაა ქალების და ბავშვების მიმართ. One of the most painful global problems in the world is violence against women and children.

ALIONI 2020.06.06

ოჯახური ძალადობა - მისი გავლენა ჯანმრთელობაზე და და სამედიცინო სექტორის რეაგირება Domestic violence - its impact on health and the response of the medical sector

ALIONI 2020-06-23

ოჯახური ძალადობის გავლენა ბავშვზე IMPACT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ON CHILDREN

Adjara Newspaper, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Batumi

Article titled Unsafe Abortion  and Women Health” N27 (24.578), 12-13.03.2019, reporting on the 4  International  Congress on Women’s Health and Unsafe Abortion “ Universal Access to Safe Abortion : We Trust Women “ . 19-22 February 2019 in Bangkok , Thailand

The main agenda of this conference is to avoid unsafe abortion and ensure safe motherhood.

 In his interview Kamheang Chaturachinda President WHRRF Chair Organizing Committee mentioned that every year thousand of women world –wide died from unsafe abortion , many thousand more suffered permanent damage on their reproductive health and important universal access to safe abortion.

 Various eminent speakers like Nongluk Boonthai ,Baird David, Hall Peter, Dickens Bernard , Pratak Oprasertsawat , , Ann Furedi and several others international figures providing their valuable viewpoints on safety management and health of a pregnant women.  Very interesting was talk  Beverly Winikoff on the new  ways  to serve women seeking abortion in first and second trimester  by using abortion pills  ,Rebecca Comperts  speak  on the Power of Abortion Pills,  Carolina de Costa  present her work on introducing abortion into medical school curriculum and education junior doctors , Alberto Stolzenburg   on Women choice regarding abortion methods .

Also must be mentioned presentations  Ndolf Prata , I.Verulashvili,  Jskaria  Hossain.Anna Maria Ramizeres ,  Mitra Karadsh  , Amalia Puri Handayni , Suyash Khubchandani on barriers to accessing  safe abortion services , treatments of incomplete abortion misoprostol , about access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education , safe abortion hot-line, counseling ,on roles of midwives on providing post abortion care , need for telemedical abortion .


Article titled “AIDS Action Europe Member and Partner Meeting ”N 6 (10300) 11.02.2019 , reporting Addressing Women’s Needs in Harm Reduction Services . Meeting took place in Berlin.

This article focus on good practices and gaps in addressing women in harm reduction and the role of international networks in response . Sasha Gurinova, Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, Germany, speech focusing on women’s needs in harm reduction services. Parvina Giyosova, Apeyron presented the situation in Tajikistan and the conditions and setting they need to work in. Ia Verulashvili , Women Centre note that women who use drugs face double stigma as a person who uses drugs and as a woman. It keeps them away from accessing harm reduction services. Ana Malinova, Bliss without Risk, presented their work with sex workers, which they have carried out since 1992. Bliss without risk runs drop-in centres in 9 regions of the Czech Republic as well as a mobile clinic. It offers a space for almost a full range of services and not only health services but above all it is a place for undisturbed confidential interviews that provides valuable data on the situation of women who are involved in sex work and/or drug use. Maria Xanthaki, Positive Voice in Greece talked about her experience with the Red Umbrella Athens drop-in centre and outreach work where they provide counseling and referrals for sexual & reproductive health, harm reduction of sex work and drug use, psychosocial support, testing and linkage to care, legal advice etc.

Adjara Newspaper, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Batumi

Article titled"2030: the Year Without AIDS,"N83 (24.492), 9-10.08.2018, reporting on AIDS Conference in Amsterdam with a focus on90/90/90 Target Workshop held 21-22 July.

The article covers the 90/90/90 target thematic workshop at AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam ,called “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges,” which drew attention to the need for rights-based approaches to more effectively reach key populations. The AIDS 2018 Conference aims to promote human rights-based and evidence-informed HIV responses that are tailored to the needs of particularly vulnerable communities — people living with HIV, displaced populations, men who have sex with men, people in closed settings, people who use drugs, sex workers, transgender people, women and girls, and young people — and to promote collaboration in fighting the disease beyond country borders .The article cover the pre-conference 90-90-90 Targets Workshop at a critical juncture in the global AIDS response and two years before the 2020 deadline for attaining the targets. We also share workshop presentations:"Innovations to Attain 90-90-90 in High HIV Prevalence Settings,""Democratizing HIV Testing – Transitioning to Community Settings,""Differentiated Care – Moving to Scale with Innovative HIV Service Delivery,""Human Rights Challenges to Attaining the Three 90s,""HIV Epidemic Control, “and "HIV Testing and Human Rights – The Right to Know as the Right to Privacy."

Article titled "Medical Service Assessments: Voices from Across the HIV/AIDS and Safe Abortion Movements,"N92 (24.495), 16-17.09.2018, reporting on AIDS Conference in Amsterdam with a focus on pre-conference meeting "Our Bodies, Our Rights. Uniting the Movements for HIV/AIDS and Safe Abortion Care.

The article highlights the main problems discussed at the meeting on "barriers to rights-based health care and promotion of global policies and programs that uphold dignity and bodily integrity," as well as the panel discussion “Building Bridges to Break Social Barriers to Care” on collective action by the HIV and safe abortion movements to strengthen efforts to combat stigma and discrimination and promote equitable access to care and how to advocate for increased, efficient, and transparent funding for HIV/AIDS and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.

Alioni -Guria Regional Newspaper

Article titled "The Home Is NoPlace for Violence,"February 26, 2018, issue N8, Alioni

Article titled "Health Sector Response to Domestic Violence," April 2, 2018, issue N13, Alioni

" Article titled Regional Government Response to Gender Equality," April 30, 2018, issue N17, Alioni

Article titled "Building Bridges to Prevent Domestic Violence Together withMunicipal Representatives and Doctors," June 3, 2018, issue N22, Alioni

The articles focus on the prevention , yearly revealing cases through screening at medical setting, and response of multispectral group of social workers, doctors, municipality and NGO representative to cases of domestic violence in Georgia, especially in Guria regional towns Chokhatauri, Lanchkhuti, and Ozurgeti

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