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Women's Center Office

75, Vaja-Phavela Ave.
Tbilisi 0186 Republic of Georgia. 
Tel.:(995 32)223 32 99; (995 32)231 46 56;
Cell: (995 5 99) 565506

E-mail: unionwomencenter@gmal.com; tbilisicenter2014@yahoo.com;
Homepage: www.womancenter.org.ge
Skype: women.center

Director MD.PH Iatamze (Ia) Verulashvili
cell/phone +995599565506

Union Women Center work at  three different levels: policy and decision-making level, national and local institutional level ,grassroots level through work with civil society

Union Women Center Sections Programs focus on women’s political and economic empowerment ,creating an enabling environment to eliminate violence against women, especially domestic violence, trafficking  ,to realize sexual and reproductive rights of youth , family planning , safe abortion , safe motherhood, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, integration ethic minority into basic society , confidence building  in  conflict  regions through public diplomacy , provide medical  services, run youth friendly service, hot-line consultation ,educational programs on life style and  reproductive health  at schools and universities . Union Women Center  is member of international organizations and cooperates with  partners in the sphere of gender problems, planning family and reproductive health; partnership in reduction of the level of poverty among women , prevention of conflicts and create opportunity for women in integration to Europe and to the world as a whole.

In 1998 Women’s Health Care Center was set-up which provides consultation and medical assistance for women.

In 2004 youth group was established, which works on sexual reproductive health and rights issues

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