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Creation of Medical Center

On the bases of Women’s center was created medical center “EUROMEDCENTER”


To this event we are going during 10 years from the day of establishment of Women’s Center

There were many reasons for establishment this kind of medical center.

We understand from the beginning that for sustainability of our project  we need some income to continue work .Also as we work on such crucial problems which are not priority for many International Organization we really lost a lot of time and energy to find organization which understand  problem  which is actual  for our population.

Today Medical Center  help us in sustainability of protects which we had implemented. After accomplishing projects we continue to work with marginal population, we provide  free  of charge professional help to victims of domestic violence, consultation and treatment youth concerning their reproductive health problems.

Medical Center provide confidential consulting  on reproductive health and rights. In the Center works medical staff which is trained on how to work with victims of Domestic Violence, Trafficking, on how to solve youth reproductive health problems.

In the Center we provide training and re-qualification of professionals on

  • Climacteric Syndrome – diagnostic and treatment ( 25 credits )
  • Hormonal Disorders in Gynecology   (25 credits)
  • Impact of Domestic violence on reproductive health – (25 Credits )

From the heart of all of Medical Center staff we want to thank our donors and friends which help us in creation Medical Center:


Tinna Illson – OSCE-ODIHR  for help in  advocacy domestic violence impact on women among health care providers, in creation special manual for doctors,  implementation special course” Impact Domestic Violence in Reproductive Health “ in post-graduate education system of Tbilisi State Medical Academy.



Mike Beyer – Rotary Club Tomas River-New Jersey USA – for Lynda Hammond  Rotary Club of Hamden – Connecticut USA and members of both  Rotary Club for donation Ultrasound apparatus ,gynecological Colposcope and hand-held ultrasound fetal Doppler which help us to provide free screening victim of domestic violence and marginal population.

Iren and  Denis Stephenson, Sheila Winsor and members of  Rotary Club Brampton,Ontario- Canada – for donation note-book and overheard  this help us in our every day training of youth, population, women, doctors, police, judges and  for  support cervical cancer screening program.

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