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Advocacy and work of the Youth Friendly Service

Project directed to continue youth information service work  of  hot – line, face-to-face, gynecological consultations ; Give wide and comprehensive information to students, on reproductive and sexual health and rights.
We created cycle of lectures for the university students and held lectures at one Technical University with the following schedule:

1. Definition of reproductive and sexual health and rights
2. Reproductive health problems in Georgia
3. Family Planning.
4. Contraception
5. Abortion
6. Sexually transmitted diseases
8. Elements of reproductive health and rights. Ten keys of human reproductive rights.
9. Link reproductive rights with health

Cycle of lectures was held at 4 faculty of University once a week and  126 students attended them.

To make awareness of our program  we put on 5 advertisement in the magazine “Sarke” about our consulting service and provide face to face consultations to 44 young people, which came to our center after reading advertisement. Gynecological consultations were provided to 59 persons. The main aim of their coming to our center was to get information about contraception. During 6 months we gave 123 hot-line consultations. At 3 universities we hang question’s boxes and students put their questions.

Once in a month we organize round table for  our youth volunteers group. They were bringing the questions (from question boxes) and giving answers. The most part of the questions were about sexually transmitted diseases and contraception and how they can recognize if they has  AIDS or not  all of this shows that necessary practice free confidential testing at universities and home-based testing.

(National Women’s Program Open Society – Georgia Foundation)

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