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Publication of the book “Domestic Violence: The Health Sector Responds”


A manual of doctors was prepared and published as a book “Domestic Violence: The Health Sector Responds”.

The book gives basic knowledge about domestic violence, contains discussions on this problem and on its importance to health care professionals, since domestic violence negatively impacts on health. Abused women have poorer mental and physical health, more injuries, and a greater need for medical resources than non-abused women. Health outcomes of domestic violence has been associated with chronic ailments, psychological consequences, injuries, death, reproductive health risks and problems such as: unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/ AIDS, pregnancy complications, miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight, gynecological disorders, etc. The children of battered women are heavily affected, either by direct violence or by witnessing the violence against their mothers. Those children are more likely to suffer from learning, emotional and behavioral problems. Also they are at increased risk of becoming abusers and of being abused later in life.


Physicians can play a crucial role in detecting, referring and caring for women living with violence. Unfortunately, physicians frequently treat only the symptoms of battered women’s injuries. Most battered women who are seeking medical attention are sent home to the same unsafe situation that was the original cause of their injuries only because of the physician’s lack of appropriate training to support, identify and, treat the victims of domestic violence.

The main aim is to raise awareness of domestic violence among physicians, to improve health professionals clinical skills on how to appropriately screen domestic violence, document domestic violence in the medical records, assess patient’s safety and develop a safe plan how to refer victims to domestic violence.

The material in the book is based on up-to-date literature and international experience.

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