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“Advocating Awareness Raising on SRHR”

The project was supported by ASTRA assisting in capacity building between the government and NGOs to provide evidence-based, targeted information on SRHR education and health services to adjust the response accordingly.


The goal of the project was:

  1. Raise awareness on SRHR as human rights according to international documents.
  2. Acquaint the target group to ten human rights that are keys to reproductive rights.
  3. Implement the policy of ASTRA in Georgia, as it supports women's right to free and
    informed choice on and access to: abortion, full range of modern contraceptives,
    information, education and services on SRR. Special attention is given to youth and
    undeserved groups (Refugee, IDP...)
  4. Raise awareness and understanding about contraception, teenage pregnancy and abortion, sensitizing society about the importance of strengthening youth SRHR.
  5. To increase understanding and awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues in order to enable those working with young people to address this area in their work.
  6. Review current situation on RH problem in Georgia, Policies and strategies. (published in English and Georgian)

More than 90 people from different fields have been trained. While working on the pilot project we revealed that neither NGO representatives nor doctors understand the necessity of knowledge of reproductive rights and how to use them. Besides, we revealed that young people have zero knowledge about reproductive health and they really need help.


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