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Business development sector

Business development sector

The mission of sector is to provide forward thinking business women opportunity to raise their standard of living through education and training, information, market economy activities of domestic and international channels and through awareness of government economic decisions.

Sector very close work with International Labor Organization Moscow office, Education Center for Small and Medium Business Enterprises (Kvar-Saba, Israel), Lane Comminute College (Eugine, USA), UNECE Forum of Women-Entrepreneurs, (Geneva, Switzerland), Georgian Employers Association, American Chamber of Commerce.

The goals of business development sector of Women’s Center are:

  1. To improve women’s status in the society and recognition of their contribution in social-economic development

  2. To help women to begin their own business

  3. To promote-scale women operation business to reduce unemployment and increase family income

  4. Consulting service for women: those hoping to launch a business, those hoping to expand and improve upon an existing business, and those pursing or expanding a home-based business.

  5. One-on-one counseling sessions,

  6. Business plan development assistance,

  7. Judicial consultation.

  8. To arrange education-training conducting lectures, seminars and workshops to enable women to acquire skills and knowledge and better run their business and participate more fully in the reforms of country

  9. To contribute in the restoration of traditional women engaged industries and crafts especially in mountainous and rural regions

  10. To maintain contacts with governmental, international and educational institutions, NGO’s, business leaders

During 1996 –1999 we closely cooperated with Lane Community College USA, which gave a scholarship for staff of small business sector of Women’s Center to attend 2 year business administration course.(6 people graduated from this course and today in the Women’s Center they run three category consulting service for women : those hoping to launch a business ,those hoping to expand and improve upon an existing business, and those pursuing or expanding a home-based business . The service includes One-on-one counselling sessions, business plan development assistance, a comprehensive business library, training workshop, judicial consultation.

In 1998 group by the help of Global Fund for Women (USA) implemented the project “Protection of women’s rights educational program”. A part of this project was to carry out handicraft manufacturing for the production of lamp shades were was teach women and support them to run own business.

In 1999 there was a joint project implemented with Israel Embassy in Georgia on the basis of which 3 members of WC were trained and got training for trainers “How to Establish Small and Medium Business Enterprises in Kvar-Saba“

By the help of the U.S. Embassy in Georgia was run the project Essentials of establishing and Running small Business.. The project was to encourage women to start their small businesses and give them better understanding of the principles of market economy in democratic state. The project helped women to overcome problems regarding the lack of information on legislation and legal procedures. The projects launched in four cities of Imereti region in Western Georgia.

The project consisted of four five-day seminars on "How to Run Small Business". Altogether 87 women developed their business and management skills. The course curriculum included registering business, taxation and interest rates, principles of accounting, marketing and management, key and exercises on development business plan. The project included publishing a brochure "How to Run Small Business" (2000-2001).

Since 2001 we have been taking part in UNESCO Forum which aims at: (i) raising the awareness of the potential of women entrepreneurs and promoting positive role models; (ii) building regional networks of women entrepreneurs; and (iii) enhancing e-capabilities of women entrepreneurs and promoting the region-wide electronic commerce among women entrepreneurs.

Today we work with ILO (International Labour Organization) on the project “An Enhanced Role for Employer Organizations in Promoting Women-Owned Business in Caucasian region “The aim of the project is to unite women-owned enterprises having access to lobbing, policy-making, advisory and business – related services. Establish a wider array of network with women entrepreneurs in Caucasian region.

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