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"Reproductive Health Supply ( ASTRA)"

4. Project - Reproductive Health Supply ( ASTRA)

ASTRA Central and Eastern European Women's Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights conducted surveys among ASTRA partner organizations in a number of countries to obtain information on the accessibility of reproductive health (RH) supplies in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. (Reproductive health supplies include contraceptives, condoms, safe motherhood supplies, supplies needed for safe abortion care, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment supplies, i.e. HIV testing kits, as well as information regarding family planning, sexuality education and HIV/AIDS prevention.) ASTRA compiled its results
into a Report on Reproductive Health (RH) Supplies in ASTRA Countries. Participant
countries included: Albania (Albanian Family Planning for Population and Development/ Tirana);
Armenia(Women's Right Center/Yerevan);
Azerbaijan (Center "Women and Modern World"/Baku);
Georgia (Women's Center/ Tbilisi);
Macedonia (Shelter Centar/Skopje);
Poland (Federation for Women and Family Planning/Warsaw);

The aim of project is to increase knowledge about RH supplies thought prepared manual as a guide on SH supplies which will support in the understanding among policy makers of the critical importance initiate programs focused at improving access to contraception service
Results of our work rise awareness among doctor ,women's human rights network, Women's Leadership Coalition ,among youth , parliamentarians of Committee on Health and Social Issues; Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia;- mass media;
Through protection women's reproductive rights support of establishment effective and reproductive health services: Aware women about the wide choices in contraceptive methods; Prevention of infertility and consulting for safer abortion; Prevention of reproductive tract infection; HIV/AIDS Re-training and health professionals to provide comprehensive treatment,


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