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"“Movie Breaking the silence”"

3.“Movie Breaking the silence”

“Breaking the silence” presents women’s stories written by life itself and told by women themselves. Female characters from Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Moldova, Georgia and the Ukraine share personal problems in exercising their rights in the area of sexual and reproductive health (e.g. right to access to adequate health services, sexual education, modern contraception, safe abortion, or the problem of feminization of the HIV/AIDS pandemic). The movie clearly shows that in the region, the basic rights of female human beings are constantly violated. Authors hope to raise awareness about women’s tragedies and hardships which could be easily avoided if policy makers upheld their commitments.
ASTRA Member organizations who took part in the project:

Federation for Women and family Planning/Poland
Lithuanian family planning Association/Lithuania
Reproductive Health Training Center/Moldova
Women’s Health and family Planning/Ukraine
NGO Pro-Choice/Slovakia
Women’s Center/Georgia

Documentary "Breaking the silence" – Georgia

Women’s Center organized presentation documentary for Women’s NGO Coalition Members ( as for today coalition consists of 82 NGO ), for reproductive youth volunteer group ( 14 member ), for representative of education system, health system in Tbilisi and in two regional town Mtskheta.


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