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"Mobilization community to solve conflict in peaceful way"


1. Mobilization of Youth for Protection of Their Reproductive Health and Rights in the Regions of Georgia”

Project directed to advocate implementation of international accepts of sexual and reproductive health and rights standards at the national level among medical authorities and youth population in the regions; to develop compensative network on prevention and awareness of SRHR through preparing young trainers as educators for the schools of 6 regional towns; to maintain operation of Youth Consulting Center at Women’s Center, where young people can get confidential consultations. Provide protection of the rights of juveniles to get confidential health care; help health care professionals better to understand state's laws and legal rights of juveniles.

According the project, 25 teenagers, 78 regional policy-makers , regional NGO’s, mass-media representatives, medical authorities

        and local governmental representatives ;163 teachers were trained in 6 regional towns of Georgia.

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