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Peace Builiding


"Peace Builiding"

Book “Implementation of peaceful initiatives: skills and strategies for action “book was published into two languages; Georgian and Ossetian (Development and Reforms Foundation under the President of Georgia)

  Rehabilitation of the territorial integrity of the country in peaceful ways is the most important problem to Georgia. The Government permanently works on that problem. Recently significant results have been achieved in South Osetia. It is proved by formation of the Temporary Administrative Unit there, which allows to activate all the institutional mechanisms to rehabilitate territorial integrity of the country.
book gives skills on to implement peaceful initiatives for nonviolence resolution of the conflicts.
The objective of the book is to help the reader better to realize and percept the essence and character of the conflict, be acquainted with the conflict causing factors and the strategies of its resolution. That will help to involve a wide range of population in peacemaking processes.
The books were distributed not only in the territory which was controlled by Georgian Government but in South Ossetia as well ( Tskhinvali).



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