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  • Municipality Election Preparing Women Voters, Candidates and Observers

  • Youth Partnership for the Improved Budgetary Governance in Municipalities.

  • Coordination advocacy responses to sexual and reproductive health of adolescence

  • Responding to the Needs of Young People in Georgia

  • Home Has No Place for Violence! A coordinated multi-agency approach to prevention and intervention of domestic violence

  • Creative  initiatives  for protection young women’s rights in region were compact lives ethnic minorities

  • Health Education Reaching Communities using Learning & Empowerment Strategies

  • Teens Visiting a Health Clinic

  • Encourage Youth and Communities in Democracy Participation

  • Strengthening the role of women and youth in peace and conflict resolution through implementation Resolution 1325

  • Strategies that advance ethnic minority women's rights and economic democracy

  • Multi-sectoral approach as an instrument people’s diplomacy in conflict-affected settings.

  • Education youth and Communities for participation  in  Election

  • Youth and Communities Initiative  for building democratic society

  • Building democratic institution through gender equality in Parliamentary Election

  • Promotion reproductive health and rights of youth , implementation internation standart, implementation non-formal sexuality education.

  • Brake silence on Reproductive Health and Rights in the Region of compact living minority

  • Rule of law and respect for integration Minority Women and child

  • Enlargement of Minority Women Political and Legal Knowledge in South Caucasus "  National training and resource center of children in Armenia , Azerbaijan and Georgia

  • Reproductive health addressed especially to young women living at risk in the selected areas of the country Georgia

  • New ability people’s diplomacy and establishment of join activities in conflict-affected settings.( Abkhazia –Georgia)

  • Strengthening and Engagement of Rural Women  and Youth in  Management and improve the quality of rural communities lives

  • Building the legal right  protection system  of ethnic minority  from gender based violence

  • Increase involvement of youth in decision making  , election process and civil society building

  • Caucasus  Region Anti-Trafficking Network

  • Advocacy for  integration of  ethnic minority women and  Mainstreaming the Rule of Law into the National Concept for Tolerance and Civil Integration

  • Realizing the Right to Health Care: advocating for and supporting a radical reorientation of health  care for sexual assault survivors

  • Invest in Future Generation Through Health Care Response to  Violence Against Women

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